BestDuplicator Pro Hd Series - 3 Target External Disc Dvd/cd Duplicator with 500GB Hard Disk Drive,built-in 24X BD Certified Burners

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The Bestduplicator HD series is a professional duplicator offering optical disc burning technology with SATA connections with 500GB Sata Hard Disk Drive installed. Suitable for anyone involved in disc duplication, the user-friendly LCD interface provides a simple one-step copy function that burns your CD and DVD blank discs at an optimal speed producing 3 copies every burn cycle. Burning speeds are adjustable and other standard menu features are available for advanced users. A computer is not required at all for this standalone duplication system. All inside this copy tower itself, different CD and DVD formats are automatically detected to allow stable and secure buffer under run protected burning without the added trouble or stress from a computer to handle such functions. This Stanalonee DVD CD Duplicator ensures a fast, cost effective solution for duplication runs whether burning be performed at home, office, or studio. Benefit from high volume disc output, reliable performance, and an affordable price. ***** BENEFITS OF A BUILT-IN HARD DRIVE ***** A hard drive in the duplicator decreases duplication time and increases the stability of the duplicator. Once the DVD or CD disc image is stored in the hard drive, the original source disc is no longer needed to perform duplication. Then from the controller panel of the duplicator, functions such as writing, deleting, and selecting the hard drive partition is done. If you have multiple originals which need to be duplicated time after time, the hard drive option is definitely recommended. The hard drive will be divided into smaller partitions where each partition can hold one DVD or CD disc. The size of each partition will depend on the type of the optical disc media.