BestDuplicator - Premium Latched 18in SATA to Right Angle SATA Serial ATA Cable - Made For Premium Duplicators

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The problem with many sata cables now adays is they take away the premium of sata cables that should of been there. Such as creating unlatched sata cables to try to save the cost however will really hurt the endusers in the long run. At BestDuplicator we take in great consideration of the latch as when we build duplicators they go globally and without the latch it may cause loose cables. We make sure the transfer speed is up to date with our latest 24X duplicators which we use these same exact high quality cables into. The right angle is perfect for different types of controllers or simply organizing. This SATA cable is comptible with all hard drives and motherboards using the sata 2.0 and BestDuplicator controllers (and other generics).