Bestduplicator CD/DVD Duplicator Controller Smart 1-11 Target (IDE)

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The ide duplicator controller is the essential key for the duplication system and you can rely on our CD/DVD Controller which is well-known in the industry for its reliability, durability and compatibility. This ide duplicator controllers are professionally designed and manufactured to allow for up to 11 targets. This ide controller system is constructed using premium "DHP Technology" creating a hard drive partition to the size of each master disc image so all HDD space is fully utilized. This full feature controller is an ideal match for use with our high performance durable casing to form the most reliable duplicators on the market today. Our top quality controller is compatible with any duplicator tower, drive and power supply. The controller will enhance your duplication system to its highest level in providing data, audio, multimedia, and video content backup along with a very user-friendly interface. Brand: BestDuplicator Operating Type: Stand-alone Target: 11 target (1:11) Interface: IDE Quantity: 1pc Package: Cardboard Box, IDE Cables includes